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I’m listening right now to the 40th anniversary re-issue of CCR’s Green River.  This is probably top 5 of all time favorites for me.  John Fogerty’s catchy songwriting was at its peek with this album.  In just a few years CCR cranked out more classics than most bands can ever hope, and this has some of the best of them.  Just the name, Green River, will always remind me of the Appalachian hills I was born in.  It transcends the simple status of classic rock and reconnects me with a halcyon period of yet-to-be-spoiled youth.

In either case…

I had to do a little self-reflection today and accept the fact that I’m in denial, at least to some extent, about my stress level.  This winter weather–and I’m not talking about the blizzards, but all several weekend snowstorms that preceded them, as well as the one week I got sick again–have cost me a lot of money.  My grand scheme for 2010 involved me blowing off my social life for a month or two in winter and grabbing all the extra hours at work I could handle.  Those hours were canceled.  Nothing I could do.  Thousands of dollars gone before I had a chance at them.

So now everything’s screwed up.  I’ve still got OT at work, but now the weather’s about to warm up and my social life is a calling.  I’ve been invited to two weekend getaways in March, and I don’t think I can do either of them.  One of them is a cheap weekend away in the Appalachians.  The other a trip to Boston.  I really want to go on this Boston trip, and not being able to afford just sucks.  It is going to be so – much – fun, and I am going to miss out.

I kind of got called out for being grumpy by a family member, and after some wild dreams last night I’ve decided to just accept it.  I’m stressed out.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  These blizzards have cost a lot of people a lot of money and problems, and mine are one among many.

In acknowledging this I do feel a little bit of relief.  I can just accept it and deal with how I have to.  I might still be pulling extra hours when the weather turns warm and everyone wants me to come outside and play, but what can you do.

So there’s that.

This weekend was pretty good besides said personal revelations. The Charm City Rollergirls finally got their season going, and I had the pleasure of cheering on a friend who made one of the teams.  She did great her first bout.  Go Junkyard Dolls!  Let’s hope the rest of their season goes a little better than last night.

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