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I don’t really miss my freelance days that much.  Back then we didn’t have Twitter, and “blog” was a term yet to be invented (I always dubbed my first website a “webzine”, a term that seems almost nostalgic already).

But, I found this to be incredibly amusing.  A tax form for you freelance writers and bloggers out there.  A little late, I know, but better late than never.

Many thanks to Hodgman for the link.


If the first three cups of coffee didn’t do it, then it might be time to just queue up some Explosions in the Sky and space the fuck out for a bit.

In the interest of randomness, here is a photo that I found on one of my blogs this morning that made me lol for no reason in particular.

Little fucker’s gonna getcha.

Also, John Connor is a big ol’ commy hatin’ Republican.

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