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Jesus Christ, man.  It’s whiteout conditions outside right now.  White, white, freezing white.  We don’t usually see blizzards here in Baltimore, and two in one week is rather exceptional.

I was hoping to do some posting on here and put in a few anti-spam upgrades, but I got moody last night after coming home from the bar and drank a little whiskey.  The head hurts a bit.  Right now I intend only to veg out on the couch, eat popcorn, and watch movies.  Maybe I’ll goof off on the internet later.

In the meantime, here is my gift to you.  Corinne Bailey Rae.  I listened to The Sea for the first time yesterday, and it blew me away.  I listened to it twice back to back.  Couldn’t get enough.  I trust that you will enjoy it as well.

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