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Supposedly, I’m going to have an internet connection at home tonight.  Supposedly.  I am counting on the Comcast guy.  Again.  So my hopes are less than 100%.

Things are going well with the house and I’m happy with things all in all, although physically I feel like I’ve spent the last three days fighting a kraken.  I’m wiped.  Luckily things are calm at work right now, so I’m off the hook from any serious duty.

Hopefully I’ll be back with a real post tonight from my finished, painted, furnished basement.  The first major hurdle will be mounted, and I can relax a little.

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So, I have no internets and I won’t have any internets until after the holiday.  This sucks.

Comcast guys refuse to work around branches, apparently.  Even when those branches are tiny.  They also refuse to let you climb their ladder to remove the branches yourself.

So I had to reschedule.  And this is a shit week for rescheduling, apparently.


I can post at work here, but I try to avoid that when I can.  People can be dicks about internet usage at the office.

So there’s a whole crapload of stuff I want to do that I can’t do.  A few of them important.  Anyway, I might post on here a bit, but it looks to be a bit of a hiatus until summer proper.