Fresh Start

I’m wearing a new t-shirt today.  Will post a pic later.  It depicts a mac and a hunk o cheese engaged in exuberant bliss.  This is the sort of cheer that I wish to be in the business of spreading these days.  And I must say that I love the newy newness of a new shirt.  Feels like a fresh start, even if it is just another Saturday.

Was a frustrating week, kinda, thus my lack of posts.  My recovery from strep came with at least some mild turbulence.  Still the week offered some successes.  I finished up a Christmas mix CD that I am quite infatuated with.  Following up on the success of roasting a full bird, I made several pots of chicken noodle soup that came out equally amazing.  If life were a game, I would have just gained +100 experience points to my cooking skill.  At some point here I’m probably going to have to take some classes, as I’m moving beyond what I can learn from books and deduce with the intuition of my palate alone.

Anyway, today I need to get serious about some Christmas gifts and Christmas cheer.  I still have to figure out gifts for a few people.  Time is a runnin’ out…

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