It’s been a crazy weekend.  Instead of letting the snow get us down, a number of intrepid souls braved the elements and conquered them with spirited laughter.  Here is me giggling like a kid on a playground.

Sledding is awesome.  Sledding on the way to and from the bar is even more awesome.  This was, of course, following a giant feast that I and some friends prepared.  Everyone cooked a dish (or two!) and trekked through the elements to enjoy fine food, fine drink, and fine company.  It was a fine night.  The weekend has been full of fine nights.

And it looks like it’s not over yet.  Another foot of snow coming tomorrow.  I’m actually hoping to wake up at a regular hour tomorrow and be productive.  I guess we’ll see.  I’m definitely not going to work.  In fact I hope they close the office (again).

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