June 2011

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Right, so I took sort of a break there for a bit.  Actually part of the reason for that is incredibly ordinary:  my web browser at work was having problems with php.  Which means that I couldn’t view, nor update this page until it was fixed… months down the road.  I like posting on here on my morning break or my lunch break.  When I get home from work, I’m really not on the internet so much.


Things also had not been good at home.  The situation with one of the roommates had gone very south.  Not gonna post anything about it here (because that would be foolish), but thankfully that is now over.  I have a new roommate.  She is amazing.  We have all been getting along very well.

So now I am finally sleeping well at night and abandoning some of those negative habits I’m so prone to when under stress.

In fact, I’m gearing up to start P90x.  Got it from a friend of mine, and it looks really cool.  It’s made for people who are already in shape, and while I know it’s going to kick my ass, I’ve been doing a little pre-training for it.  For example, I gave the dive bomber push ups a try, and it hurt my left shoulder like fuck.  So, I’m gonna work on rounding out a few areas before I jump into the hard stuff.  Also: I need to install a chin-up bar. 

Specifically, the bar that I want is this one: The Stud Bar.  (Just try saying it to yourself: “the Stud Bar, yeah! Y’all wanna come over and get ripped pumpin my Stud Bar?”  I think you will agree, by its name alone it is perhaps the single most essential equipment for any home gym.)  I’m looking at some steps to convert a corner of my basement into a genuine fitness room, and I want that to be a part of it.  It’s gonna be a project taken in increments, though.

I’ve started making notes for this other blog project that I’ve alluded to on occassion.  I could end up working really, really long hours all summer, so I don’t know if it will happen now, but I may soon start making some preparations for it.  It is possible I could roll it out in the fall, and it’s actually something that could pick up a little bit of steam (and would be more interesting to most people than this journal–one of countless random journals scattered across the internet).  I’m looking at posting weekly, and I would try and keep a stable of posts ready in advance.  We’ll see how/if it comes together.

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