February 2011

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I managed to catch four straight days of sleeping in this weekend, and I can’t recall the last time I was so excited about something. In fact, when my plans fell through for one evening, I resolved to stay in and score a straight 24 hours of unadulterated resting on my butt. It was beautiful.  Amazing.  Glorious.  Beautiful.  I feel like one of those spiffty electric cars, just unplugged, full of juice and ready to roar.

Needless to say, things have been busy.  Busy and very, very grown up.  For example, I had someone slip and fall on my property, and I spent several days scared to death that I would be sued.  Jesus christ, man.  Sued?  I’m just moseying along, minding my business, and suddenly I’m vulnerable to a law suit?  Yeah, grown up shit.

So catching an extended weekend with the roommates out of the house, no pressing responsibilities, no overtime at the office, no nothing:  it can be a glorious thing.

It’s funny, as I was joking around with a friend this weekend, relating the above, I mused that my comments seemed like “dad comments.”  I’ve got friends around my age who are doing the whole family thing, and yeah: when they get a whole day 100% to themselves, you’d think they just won the lotto or something.  And here I find myself feeling the same way.

Creepy, huh?

I guess life lately just has me focused on some very adult sort of things.  Getting promoted at work.  Not getting sued.  Working on my house.

But the weather is warming up, and I have resolved to commit myself to some very non-adult sorts of diversions.  Getting ready to plan some weekend adventures.  San Diego may be in the cards again this year.  Seattle almost definitely.

Oh and did I mention that I made it to New Orleans a few weeks ago?  Sorry, been busy.  Out of the blue I started taking these professional development classes at work (again: adult things), and they ate up a lot of my time.  Thirteen hour work days don’t leave energy for journal posts.

I’ll see if I can dig up some of those New Orleans photos and maybe find something to say about it on here.  That town is amazing.  I can’t wait to go back.