December 2010

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There’s a certain thrill to it.  I mean, it’s basically a scavenger hunt.  You set out with what you want, and you return with what you get.  Each discovery in the hunt brings an individual rush.  There’s the excitement of following hunches to sudden, new plans.  And then there’s the best part of all:  everything’s on sale.  The retailers are unloading:  please take this garbage, they say.  Make it your treasure.

I’ve been pretty deliberately putting things off this year.  Spent the last month or two playing grownup and haven’t had the time or energy to sink into it.  That’s okay.  Everyone has off years when it comes to the holidays.

And when it comes to my family this year has been especially off.  I didn’t post about it here in my journal, but I did not spend Thanksgiving with the family this year.  Well, basically the family didn’t have a Thanksgiving.  It was…. strange.  Exactly thirty two times I’ve sat down at the dining room table to enjoy (or pretend/attempt to enjoy) a Thanksgiving feast with my family.  After the drama that went down this year… yeah.  Didn’t happen.

But there will be no escaping Christmas dinner.  In fact, it’s looking increasingly like I might get snowed in up there with everyone.  Something I both hope for and dread. 

But I will come bearing gifts.  I spent all my money on my house this year, so there just isn’t much for gifts.  So I decided to bake for people.  Going to give everyone a goodie bag of handmade treats.  I think it’s a good idea.  In fact, I’m a little proud of myself for reining it in for once.

And it is now down to the wire, and I have three days to it.  The one nice thing about baking for people for Christmas is that you have to do it all last minute.  That has afforded me plenty of leeway in avoiding the holidays up until now.  But it looks like I’m gonna spend all of Friday baking.  Should be fun.

Other than that I don’t really have much Christmas shopping to do.  Going to pick up something special for one or two folks who really came through for me like champs.  But for the most part this is looking to be a low key Christmas.  I’m curious to see if taking the emphasis off of gifts for once will allow the Christmas spirit to swell and represent itself in other ways.  I especially wonder about that considering how things have been with my family.  I guess time will tell.  Only three more days to go…

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