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– You go on a date with someone who, turns out, has been to half of the shows you’ve been to lately.  Also graduated from your own college, same year you did.  Perhaps you should have taken more mass comm classes?

– You meet someone and add each other on Facebook.  You note that x number of your friends are already “mutual.”  There’s probably an equation for this.

– You wind up at some random party, during a snowstorm, and as you look around the house you realize that you almost moved into it once.  Turns out one of your friends, who also randomly showed up with you, has connections to it as well.  A snowball fight occurs, the neighbors complain.  Good thing you never moved there.

– You sit down and order a drink at a bar, and someone from one of your favorite bands pours it for you.  You tip well.

– You join a dating site, and within a week get emailed by an ex-girlfriend.

– You turn a corner in the grocery store, rushing, and nearly knock over one of your old best friends from high school who you haven’t seen in years.  Uncontrollable reminiscing ensues.

– A few minutes later, at the checkout, you end up in line next to that cute girl from your office, whose name you never knew.  You strike up a conversation.

I’ve got more of these, but it’s been a long day and I’m foggy.  Maybe I’ll update this post more later.