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I’m kinda sitting here at my desk clicking through stuff on the net and realized what a break I’ve taken here.  I’m skimming over some of these posts here, and I guess I can see why.  Last year was a real bummer, and there was actually some shitty stuff going on earlier this year that I don’t think I wrote too much about.  Family tragedies, the house becoming a money pit, some serious bullshit at work… yeah.

But lately actually I haven’t posted because I’ve just been really busy.  Good busy.  Things are good right now.  Maybe I should work on rectifying this….


Paint in patches.

Overlap your patches.

Keep them even.

Keep painting.

Keep painting.

My mantra has been simple and arduous these past few days.  I’m doggedly determined to get several key rooms painted now rather than later.  It’s coming along, but WAY slower and WAY harder than I expected.  I don’t know if it’s the drywall in here or the paint that I bought (which wasn’t a cheap one), but it’s taking more coats than expected to get the colors right.  It doesn’t help that the seller painted everything this ass ugly bright yellow-beige.

Other than that I’ve been mentally wiped and just kind of holding it together.  The one thing I wasn’t expecting with my first house was the mental saturation.  At a number of points I’ve just gotten so that I can’t absorb anything else.  And all these decisions need to be made by me.  It’s my house.  I’ve had to make myself stop and rest at a few points just to keep it together.  But it’s been going well all in all.

So I’m finally starting to stabilize here and hope to have some insights posted in the next day or so.  I might post about a few of the projects I have going around the house, but I don’t want to get too focused on that here.  Blogs only about home projects are a little annoying.  This is a journal style blog, and I intend to keep it that way.

Mainly though, I am just pushing ahead, stroke stroke stroke, and looking forward to having a normal social life again in a couple of weeks.  Be back in the regular swing of things soon.

So, I have no internets and I won’t have any internets until after the holiday.  This sucks.

Comcast guys refuse to work around branches, apparently.  Even when those branches are tiny.  They also refuse to let you climb their ladder to remove the branches yourself.

So I had to reschedule.  And this is a shit week for rescheduling, apparently.


I can post at work here, but I try to avoid that when I can.  People can be dicks about internet usage at the office.

So there’s a whole crapload of stuff I want to do that I can’t do.  A few of them important.  Anyway, I might post on here a bit, but it looks to be a bit of a hiatus until summer proper.


Well, this is it.  The newest incarnation of my personal blog.  I’ve been getting ready to do this for some time now, but I’ve been a bit short on time lately.  Well, not today.  Grabbed a few days off of work and plan to spend most of it working on computer projects.

Barring any technical difficulties, the older page will be removed and this will be it.

I do this every couple of years.  I wipe the slate clean and start the blog over.  My last page starts somewhere in ’06, but I had another one before that, and another one before that.  One might wonder why do this, what’s the point, but it doesn’t seem strange to me at all.  Why does a Tibetan monk spend hours upon hours constructing a sand mandala, only to wipe it away and throw the sand in a river or some such place?

And truthfully, that’s how I’ve always thought of this little page of mine.  A mental sketchpad of sorts.  I flirted with WordPress awhile ago, but I’m looking forward to diving into it full on.  Let’s see what kind of widgets and whatnot I can get on here.  I’m already working with a friend on a custom header that will have–get this-a CAT on it!  Omg, the future is so bright.

So here it is, and welcome to the new page.  And yes, this is the new handle.  I’ve been migrating everything over to my Cheshire Splat handle for a little while now and expect to keep it for some time.  Similarly, I’ve been going by Jonathan almost as much as Jon these days.  Didn’t really do it on purpose, actually, everyone at work just kept calling me that and after awhile I found me introducing myself that way.


Here is an Andrew Bird song in which he sings about, among other things–most notably madness, an Etch A Sketch.  That is most certainly the theme of the day.

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