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Been really overwhelmed this past two weeks.  Working long hours and coming home exhausted most days.  Getting up and coming into the office exhausted on half of ’em as well.  Last night, however, I somehow scored an amazing night of sleep.  So today is dedicated to catching up on a few things around here.

I’m about to be elbow deep in house buying stuff right now.  For the most part I find this all rather stressful.  I really want to get all this over with and move on to this next phase here.  Owning a home is going to be a major boon to me, in the form of rent from roommates and tax deductions.  I should have made this step a long time ago, but, ah well, such is life.

Here are a few links for anyone who might be heading down this path as I am:

Here is a link to a nice credit score estimator.  It requires some honesty on your part and some knowledge of your credit report.  If you have your credit report from annualcreditreport.com (where you should be getting your free annual credit report), then you can use this calculator with it to figure your estimated score.

Here is a link to an app that will pre-approve you for a loan.  One of my credit unions uses this, and if you go down and sit with a loan officer for pre-approval they will run your credit score and plug it into an app like this.  If you don’t have a credit union on the list here, you’ll have to just pick whatever.  The letter it generates won’t do you much good, but it can calculate your debt ratios (if you don’t know how to do it manually).  Knowing what those debt ratios are will tell you exactly how much house you can buy.

Here is a link to a home buyer education course that I recommend.  Costs $20.00.  I am probably putting in for a loan through the Maryland Mortgage Program in case I need to take advantage of the $3500.00 they’ll give me, and these guys require the course.  I’d recommend it to anyone, though, simply for the financial calculators and instructions it gives you.  You can get an accurate look at your debt ratios here as well, and the app on this compares you to the national averages.  If you are wondering what you can afford, this is the best estimator I have found.

The next step for me right now is to sit down with a lendor and then to call up a real estate agent.  For better or for worse, I know pretty specifically what I want and in what part of town.  Hoping things work out and I get it.


So apparently that Scooby Doo apocalypse illustration that was making the internet rounds a few weeks ago has made its way onto a t-shirt:

I’ve been laying off the t-shirts lately, but very tempting. It is, of course, at Threadless, and you can purchase it here.

In other news regarding things that must be bought:  I need tires.  Does someone want to give me some tires?  Four of them?  For a bitchin ’05 Corolla?  Please!

A friend recommended me to Tire Rack, but it’s still going to cost me between $400-500.  So I gotta like, you know, figure out how to pay for that.  Yeesh.  And I promised myself I wasn’t gonna turn any tricks this month…

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